Our History

Starting with 3 people in 2002 with the aim to create world class software, our company has stood the test of time and produced software for both small or medium-sized companies and large companies with millions of dollars in revenue. Headquartered in Russia, Roks Development currently has dozens of workers with several years of experience to be able to bring your idea to life.

Remote Work

The world is changing rapidly and the idea of finding talented and experienced personnel to work together on a project is no longer a myth. We currently have professionals working from different parts of the world. Our team is made up of people with up to 15 years of experience, who have worked on problems with high levels of complexity.

Approach to Work

We write software that maximizes profit.

Before we do anything, we always ask the question " Why?", and only when the goal and the expected results are clear to us, we begin to work.