“Integration” is usually explained better by specialists. To break it down, it is a mechanism whereby different systems collaborate to upload data into another program.

In the context of rapid software development, even a small firm uses several software manufacturers for various economic needs. Integration is necessary to combine the systems into one complete complex.

We offer a wide range of software solutions from the simplest data conversion which includes import and export mechanisms to large industrial data exchange with guaranteed complete integration. Well-built integration can solve many organizational problems and reduce costs.

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Stages of Information Systems Integration


Initial Evaluation

Preliminary analysis of the systems to be integrated. Review of customer’s requirements.
Result: Assessment of the possibility of integration, preliminary cost and timing.



Detailed analysis of integrated systems and elaboration of technical solutions. Creation of project documentation and breakdown of project into individual tasks.
Result: A comprehensive integration solution “on paper” and a list of tasks.


Development and/or Configuration of Software Modules

Depending on what solution was agreed, we develop custom integration modules or set up a ready-made solution according to the documentation.
Result: A set of modules and settings ready for implementation.



Implementation and configuration of modules in the customer’s infrastructure. Demonstration of system functionality.
Final Result: An effective integration solution.

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