Writing documentation, training staff and creating a knowledge base is a tedious process. But you cannot exclude it from consideration. This is a very important section and the client risks additional expenses for maintenance and correction of software failure if not done. Our experts are ready to perform both printed and electronic documentation that is easy enough for the average user.

If it is a multi user software system, it is important to have formal documentation package, and a full reference book that is easy to use, which saves as a resource for software maintenance and staff training.

Additionally, a well-thought-out technological process of completion, implementation and maintenance of software products is necessary. The development of regulations minimizes the risks of failure and disruption of the implementation of the task.

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Completed projects

Stages of documentation
and training


Preliminary analysis

Assessment of client’s requirements. Analysis of the system that needs documentation or training material.
Result: Understanding of the documents and training materials that need to be prepared. Preliminary terms and cost.


Preparation of Materials

Analysts and technical specialists work using the pre-mentioned analysis to produce the needed documentation.
Result: A ready set of documentations, training materials and master class programs.



Communication with the client’s personnel, documentation transfer and/or organization of master classes.
Result: Trained staff, a set of documentation describing a particular system.

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