We offer development of software products focusing on the business specifics and this includes large information systems to simple software solutions.

Having found a way of automating business processes, our technical experts will select a range of effective software solutions.

In designing the solution, we take into consideration various factors such as: the life cycle of the software, the complexity of subsequent modifications, cost of maintenance, the specifics of the customer, geographical location and ease of use.

Where it is necessary to use a complex software system with guaranteed data integrity, we do that and in cases whereby it is enough to make a simple custom utility that will serve all the client’s needs without unnecessary costs, we don’t hesitate to go on that route either.

In the end, we are able to create programs that are effective and easy to use.

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Stages of Software Development


Initial Project Evaluation

This is the initial stage where we consider the client’s business requirements. If the client is not able to produce a list of requirements, we help out by offering a questionnaire to the client regarding the business and the project at hand to assist us produce one. As soon as there is clarity and understanding of the client’s needs, we make an initial assessment of the timing and cost of the project.

The result from this stage is an agreed list of client requirements, preliminary cost and terms.



Based on the business requirements, our analysts contact the client, work through each business requirement and translate it into a technical solution in the form of a set of tasks with descriptions. An architectural solution is formed on the basis of a set of technical solutions.

The design stage results in a collection of project documentation and a list of tasks from which it is possible to develop a full-fledged software product.


Development of Software Modules

At this stage, we code and create software modules according to specifications.

The output is a set of complete software modules according to the specifications.


Acceptance Testing and Implementation

We present and demonstrate the functionality of the developed modules to the client.
This results in a well-developed working software specifically designed according to the client’s requirements.

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