Design is a broad term. Most often, it includes the tastes and preferences of customers.

We have two types of target customers: the customer and the end audience.

In contrast to the technical part, the design is more related to tastes. Sometimes the client preferences need to be modified to include popular or creative but most importantly, relevant approaches in order to promote the service. To help with such tasks, we have young designers who are abreast with modern design trends and the importance of choosing one design over the other.

At your service are specialists with extensive experience in the development and promotion of web resources. We can perform urgent website development in a few days! Additionally, we produce high-quality printed publications.

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Design stages


Pre-collection of requirements

Meeting with the customer. Discussion of design or advertising requirements.
Result: Understanding what the customer wants. Estimates of time and cost.


Making the First Sketches

Execution of preliminary sketches, templates based on the wishes of the customer and our recommendations. Agreement.
Result: A complete understanding of how and what needs to be done in design or advertising.


The completion of the design

Detailed development of the designs as required by customer. By agreement, the production of a brand book. Production of booklets and other design elements for the company.
Final Result: Finished designed product.

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